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Connect your customers to ingredients, recipes, products and menus they want.

Our machine-powered, physician-led food intelligence helps you build personalized digital experiences that boost satisfaction, outcomes and sales.

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Helping you where it matters most

01 / Personalization matters.

People are more aware than ever about what they eat. Individual eating wishes are increasingly personal and customers expect personalized experiences. More than two-thirds of people worldwide maintain at least one food restriction. (Pew 2016)

03 / Decision fatigue.

Food choices are exploding. New ingredients, products, recipes and menus appearing daily cause customer


02 / Health matters, too.

Health now drives most food decisions. 70% of your customers actively make food decisions based on health and many are willing to pay more for products they perceive as healthy. (Nielsen 2016)

04 / Tedious technology

Current tools are tedious and confusing. Customers want quick answers not charts, endless ingredients lists and meaningless icons.

Food Personalization

How EatID works

Our technology removes the guesswork for your customers. This leads to improved satisfaction, faster decisions, and more incremental revenue. We can import your existing catalog of foods or recipes, or you can choose our catalog of 200,000+ ingredients, recipes, products and menu items. 

Your customer starts a search for a recipe, grocery product or menu item on your website, app, or mobile experience.

Using the EatID API, you process their search based on the eating wishes they expressed, choosing from more than 100 diets and health conditions. 


Your customer gets instant recommendations for items personalized just for them. This helps you boost sales, deliver a better customer experience and speed up transaction time.

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Supermarkets & Food Retail

A personalized shopping experience improves shoppability, sales, transparency and trust, and delivers better shopper insights.

Supermarkets & Food Retail
Consumer Packaged Goods

Drive product discovery where it matters most - at the point-of-purchase. We help CPG brands stand out by driving targeted customers straight to your product. 

Recipe & 
Food Media

A deeply personalized content experience drives engagement and time spent with publisher properties, boosts repeat visits and creates shoppable media.

Recipe &
Food Media
IoT & Smart Appliances

A meaningful and personalized user experience improves satisfaction, usability, shoppability and delight.

IoT & 
Smart Appliances
Food Service, Restaurants
& Food Delivery
Food Service, Restaurants & Food Delivery

A personalized dining experience empowers customers with self-serve information, improves service speed and shoppability, and boosts sales, transparency
and trust.

Health Plans & Self-Insured Employers

More healthy, engaged and productive members result in direct and indirect health cost savings and fosters a culture of health.

Health Plans & Self-Insured Employers

Why EatID is better

We include more of your customers than any other platform. With 100+ diets, 50+ health conditions and hundreds of food sensitivities, our industry-leading personalization capabilities connect billions of unique eating wishes to food they want. One single platform covers: 

  • 400+ food allergies, including the top 9 (soy, dairy, egg, wheat, nut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, sesame)

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Celiac disease

  • Low FODMAPs (irritable bowel syndrome)

  • Depression

  • Memory

  • Reflux

  • Ketogenic

  • Whole30

  • Cultural, religious and vegetarian diets

  • See the full list here

Our physician-led, industry-leading food technology is unsurpassed in health expertise, offering greater accuracy and trustworthiness.

Our Team
Image by Glen Carrie

Our team

  • Steven Tan, MD, MTOM, LAc., Co-founder, Physician CEO, Chief Content Officer 
    Integrative Medicine and health expert; designer and director of multiple wellness programs; former faculty and NIH-supported researcher, UCLA Medical School; former advisor to UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

  • Daniel Lemin, Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer
    Early Googler; former advisor to global food brands including Nestlé, Dole Food Company, P.F. Chang’s and Bulletproof, internationally published marketing expert, author and speaker

  • Marcos "Rasta" Schestak, Chief Technology Officer
    Founder of BASE Digital and BASE Labs

  • Flavia Moraes, DGA, Chief Creative Officer
    Internationally-acclaimed director; Head of Innovation at RBS

  • Chef Evelina Nabuco, Chief Culinary Expert
    Graduate of NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute  

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